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            HVAC {Heating Ventilation & Airconditioning}
 Heating and Cooling load calculations for Residential and Commercial buildings as per         ASHRAE standards.
MEP Designing
MEP Shop Drawing
Welcome To IKA Engineering Solutions
We have established a successful track record through our commitment to customers, quality, and our partnerships with global companies. With an enviable project experience in Building services, Infrastructure, and Construction sectors, we stand miles ahead of our competitors' capabilities. Our achievements don't make us complacent of the future, as we progressively re-invest in our company to meet or exceed our customers' expectations.
Promoted and managed by a team of about 15 experienced, skilled and dedicated professionals, IKA Engineering Services provides cutting edge technology solutions for complete Building services requirements.IKA Engineering more>>
Heating and Cooling load calculations for Residential and Commercial buildings as per ASHRAE standards.

Duct designing –duct sizing and duct routing layout
Calculation of required quantity of portable water or non portable water for the commercial and residential projects as per international plumbing codes/uniform plumbing codes

Developing design drawings to shop drawings as per international standards with details

Preparation of sectional views


Fire fighting system (Automatic sprinkler system, portable fire extinguisher, hose reel cabinet, etc.) designing for the commercial and residential buildings as per the NFPA Standards.

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