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 Calculation of required quantity of portable water or non portable water for
        the commercial and residential projects as per international plumbing
        codes/uniform plumbing codes

MEP Designing
MEP Shop Drawing

Fire Fighting System
Protecting yourself against fire is all in the planning. With IKA’s comprehensive conceptual designs, thorough project quote and meticulous installation process, your business cannot be in any more reliable hands than ours. Together our team has countless years of experience in laying out and creating the very best strategies for fire protection, with in-depth understanding of systems such as fire detection, sprinklers, extinguishers, hose reels, hydrants and passive protection. We will provide you with an exhaustive system design for your residential, warehouse, office tower, restaurant or shopping centre project. IKA Engineering can also undertake thorough audits of existing fire protection systems and advice you of how to proceed in regards to system upgrades, maintenance and overhauls. From conception to completion, our designs are built around your business’ specific needs. IKA’s fire protection design ensures that you too understand the ins and outs of your fire protection system – with complete conceptual and final designs, budget breakdowns, and detailed installation documentation provided on completion.
Designing of Fire fighting system Inclides
  • Developing design drawings to shop drawings as per international standards with details
  • Providing levels as per standard
  • Preparing isometric drawings ,riser diagrams, schematics, details and schedules for complete plumbing systems
  • Coordination of fire fighting shop drawings with the architectural ,structural and other MEP Services
  • Detection, alarm/notification, and suppression systems all need to work together to effectively detect, contain, control, and/or extinguish a fire.
  • Beyond the components that make up an integrated fire-protection system, maintenance is another key factor that affects design.
  • Well-versed architects, engineers, and manufacturers’ representatives can guide you in determining if your fire-protection system should meet minimum code or go beyond the essentials.
    • Calculation of required quantity of portable water or non portable water for the commercial and residential projects as per international plumbing codes/uniform plumbing codes
    • Domestic hot /cold water system
    • Underground/Roof water tank sizing for the building based on people demand or peak load demand
    • Pump sizing and selection as per the requirement.
    • Selection of Electric water heater as per the International Plumbing Codes/ ASHRAE standards.
    • Pipe sizing and routing as per the standards & building requirements.
    • Commercial kitchen drainage system.
    • Trade waste drainage system.
    • Sewerage pipe sizing and routing
    • Designing of storm water and rain water drainage system.
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