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 Calculation of required quantity of portable water or non portable water for
        the commercial and residential projects as per international plumbing
        codes/uniform plumbing codes

MEP Designing
MEP Shop Drawing

HVAC designing deals with the overall process of planning & designing. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for building projects. It deals with systems that distribute air through preformed or manufactured duct sections. Low velocity, medium velocity and high velocity air flow through ducts are all within the scope of this process.
    • Heating and Cooling load calculations for Residential and Commercial buildings as per ASHRAE standards.
    • Duct designing –duct sizing and duct routing layout
    • Pipe designing-pipe sizing and pipe route layout
    • Air terminals selection {Grilles and diffusers etc} as per the building interior requirement
    • Equipment selection such as FCU, AHU, Package units, Split A/C, Chillers, Pumps etc.
    • Plant room Design and layout
    • Pressure drop or ESP[ external static pressure] calculations in equipments such as FCU, AHU and fans etc
    • Hydraulic Head calculations or Pump head calculations in chilled water pipes
    • Designing the following ventilation system:
    • Kitchen ventilation system[Hood system]
    • Toilet ventilation system
    • Car parking ventilation system
    • Stairwell pressurization system and Smoke management system design as per ASHRAE and NFPA standards.
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