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 Calculation of required quantity of portable water or non portable water for
        the commercial and residential projects as per international plumbing
        codes/uniform plumbing codes

MEP Designing
MEP Shop Drawing

Builders work

After preparation of the individual service drawings (ISD) of different services (like HVAC, Plumbing, Fire fighting, etc.)A combined service drawing (CSD) is prepared with the help of CSD we have to prepare builders work drawings.
In builders work drawings we show all openings (like wall opening and roof opening) and foundation work details for equipments to be installed in given area for all services.
Builder’s work contains different types of wall & slab openings and foundations for different services as mentioned below.

Builders work wall and Proof Opening Builders work Foundatation
    • Chilled water supply pipes.
    • Chilled water return pipes.
    • Cold water supply pipes.
    • Hot water supply pipes.
    • Fire Fighting sprinklers pipe.
    • Waste pipe.
    • Soil pipe.
    • Rain water pipe.
    • Soil vent pipe.
    • Waste vent pipe.
    • Condensing drain pipe.
    • Supply air duct opening.
    • Return air duct opening.
    • Exhaust air duct opening.
    • Fresh air duct opening.
    • Cable trays opening.
    • Cable ladders opening.
    • HVAC equipments foundation.
    • Plumbing equipments foundation.
    • Fire Fighting equipments foundation.
    • Electrical equipments foundation.
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